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Places For Kampala City Tour

Places for Kampala city tour

Places for Kampala Tour

Places for Kampala Tour | Kampala city uganda safaris

Places for Kampala Tour- Kampala City tour to the capital of Uganda and still remains one the greenest cities of Africa. Situated in the pearl of Africa, its got various tourists destinations that can be explored prior to arrival before embarking on a Uganda safari up country. Tours in Kampala can be done on foot, bicycles, motor bikes known as boda bodas, taxis, hired vehicles or a safari vehicles that belong to your tour company. Some of the must visit places in Kampala city are below.


Top 6 Best Tourist places to visit during your tour in Kampala Uganda


1. Kasubi tombs

kasubi tombs

The Kasubi royal tombs found in Kampala has been ranked by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage site. Its one of the key areas one has to consider when doing the Kampala City tour. The tombs are the burial grounds for four Buganda kings and the place is tapestried in African architecture beautiful to behold. Tourists can also visit the Wamala tombs and Nagalabi hill in Buddo where Kabaka Suuna was buried and the coronation of Buganda kings takes place respectively.


2. Uganda museum- Places for Kampala city tour

Uganda museum

The Uganda museum is also one of the best places you can go to while in Kampala City tour. Boasting with ancient artifacts about the country, you will discover a lot about Uganda’s history like Musicology, ethnography, archaeology and many more including learning about every thing displayed.


3. Ndere cultural center  –  Places for Kampala city tour

Ndere cultural center


Visit the Ndere cultural troupe center where traditional culture meets town life!! you can get entertained with most of Uganda’s traditional songs with dances from the local dancers, its also one of the best places to eat the Ugandan local traditional foods while on your Kampala City tour.


4.Bahai temple

places to visit in Kampala -Bahai temple

Visiting the Bahai temple is one of the most thrilling experiences you can encounter while in Kampala City tour, this is the only temple of this faith in Africa the Bahai can be visited by anyone from any religion and the gardens within the temple are very cool for chilling and relaxing.


5. Uganda Martyrs Catholic Shrine Namugongo

 best places to visit in kampala-Uganda Martyrs Catholic Shrine Namugongo


Uganda Martyrs Catholic Shrine Namugongo is a Must destination in Kampala you should not miss to visit

Uganda Martyrs Catholic Shrine Namugongo, located in the outskirts of Kampala, is a significant religious and historical site that attracts both pilgrims and tourists alike. This shrine commemorates the bravery and faith of 22 young Ugandan Christian martyrs who were executed between 1885 and 1887 on the orders of King Mwanga II of Buganda.

Historical Significance:
The Uganda Martyrs were young converts to Christianity who faced persecution due to their refusal to renounce their faith. Their courageous stand and unwavering beliefs in the face of adversity have made them symbols of religious freedom and strength.


6. Bulange royal building Mengo

tourist places to visit in kampala

Bulange Royal Building Mengo is one of the best Places for Kampala city tour  

The Bulange Royal Building, located in Mengo, is a prominent historical and cultural landmark in Kampala that captivates visitors seeking to delve into Uganda’s rich heritage and history. This edifice stands as a symbol of the Buganda Kingdom’s governance and traditions, attracting tourists keen on understanding the cultural fabric of Uganda.


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