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Visit Uganda


Ten reasons why you should visit Uganda: One of the reasons why you should visit Uganda is: Mountain gorilla in Uganda: Mountain gorillas are the largest primates on the planet and have a shoulder width of two feet. They have…

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Chimpanzee Facts

Chimpanzee facts and trek in Uganda

Chimpanzee facts and trek in Uganda Chimpanzee facts- Chimpanzees and Human beings are close relatives that share the same DNA of 98 percent. Uganda harbors over 5000 of these chimpanzee primates which are found in different  destinations that is National…

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The Shoebill facts.

The Shoebill facts. The Shoebill facts-The term of Shoebill serves as the most frequently used of the common names for a stork-like bird, renowned for its size. It also has alternate names by which it’s known, though. These include the…

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Sipi Falls

Sipi Falls in Uganda

The Sipi falls are a phenomenon to many visitors, both local and foreign, yearly. Regarded as one of the most romantic places in Uganda, the falls are a series of three prominent waterfalls, with the longest drops as high 100m.…

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African Safaris

African Safaris

African Safaris- Uganda is richly blessed with tourist attractions diversely spread out throughout all national parks. Here are the top 5 tourist destinations in Uganda that most tourists from around the world love to visit once they visit Uganda on…

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