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Kibale forest National Park a true birder’s haven.

Kibale Forest National Park – So far, 339 species of birds have been recorded, but more species are likely to be added. The park has the Green-breasted Pitta as the most sought-after species along with others; Chubb’s Cisticola, Black-capped Waxbill, Africa Shrike-flycatcher, African Black-headed Oriole, African Emerald Cuckoo, African Green-pigeon, Black-crowned Tchagra, African Wood Owl, African/Rwenzori/Abyssinian Hill-Babbler, […]

Visit the salt lick in Lake Mburo National Park.

Lake Mburo National Park is a close-packed gem in western Uganda conveniently situated close to the highway that connects Kampala to the parks of western Uganda like Queen Elizabeth, Kibale Forest, Rwenzori Mountains, Bwindi Impenetrable, Semuliki, and Mgahinga Gorilla National Parks. It is the closest national park to the country’s capital city – Kampala, about […]

Mountain climbing at Mgahinga National Park.

Mgahinga National Park includes three dormant volcanoes. A hike to any of the peaks one has to be physically fit and they are all worth your attention. The highest volcano, Mt Muhavura, hides a cool swimmable lake at the top, next to it Mt Gahinga presents you with a beautiful summit swamp when you ascend […]

Norctunal Forest Walks in Kibale Forest National Park.

Nocturnal forest walks in Kibale forest offer a rare look in the nocturnal world of the rainforest. Kibale forest is much alive at night as it is during day time. Now you enter kibale forest at night that will seem so different from what you encountered during the day time. Here you enter another world […]

Batwa trail in Mgahinga National Park.

Batwa trail which begins at the base of Mount Muhabura is the only trail that takes Visitors to the ancient Garama Caves. Garama caves are one of the top attractions found in Mgahinga national park Uganda. Mgahinga national park is regarded as Uganda’s smallest Scenic park, located in south western part of Kisoro district. It […]

Best places to see zebras in Uganda.

Besides Kidepo national park, Lake Mburo national park is the other destination in Uganda that you will find Zebras and in plenty. You are guaranteed to see them when you visit the park and thus referred to a common sight within the park that goes with a slogan; “whispers of the wild” and you will […]

Chimps trekking at semliki National Park

Besides kibale forest, kalinzu forest, kyambura gorge or budongo forest there are semiliki national park is another place to enjoy chimpanzee trekking experience also they still undergoing habituation process that is why they are hard to find if go to trek in semiliki.  Don’t forget to wear protective clothing, enough water and lunch boxes when you if are […]

Mabamba swamp the birder’s paradise.

Mabamba swamp or Mabamba wetland or Mabamba bay is located on the fringes of Lake Victoria towards western Uganda. The Shoebill is known to occur in mainly four countries i.e. Uganda, Rwanda, South Sudan and Zambia but it is best seen at Mabamba swamp in Uganda.  You can access Mabamba wetland from either Kampala or Entebbe […]

Wildlife in Mgahinga National Park.

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park is the smallest park in Uganda covering an area of 33.7km2. It is located in the southwestern tip of Uganda in Kisoro district. The park adjoins Rwanda’s Volcano national park and the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Virunga national parks and is part of the Virunga conservation area. The park takes its name […]

Zip-lining adventure at lake Bunyonyi.

Lake Bunyonyi also called a place of very many little birds is located in the south western part of Uganda close to the Uganda border with Rwanda and it is between the two districts of Kisoro and Kabale. It is the deepest lake in Uganda, second deepest lake in Africa after lake Tanganyika and the third […]

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