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Lakes in Uganda.

Lakes and Rivers- Uganda. Lakes and Rivers- Uganda is located in the great lakes basin and this areas is around the tropical equatorial region of Africa and crossed by the Great Rift Valley escarpment.  With such crucial geographical and natural features, Uganda has a number of  water resources…lakes, rivers, swamps and water falls in this […]

Fishing in Uganda.

Fishing in Uganda. Fishing in Uganda- There are two major sources of fish in Uganda; one is from aquaculture, the other from fishing in rivers and lakes. The latter has made up the largest and most significant share of all fishing. Open water covers 15.3 percent of Uganda’s surface and comprises five major lakes (Lake […]


Little governors camp.

Little governors camp.   Little Governors camp is intimate in character, with just 17 luxury en-suite tents tucked around a large watering hole teeming with both birds and wildlife. The 17 identical tents at the camp stretch out along the edge of the marsh from close to the main areas to about 250m away. The […]


Olarrokenya If luxury and private safari is what you long for, you’ll find both in abundance at Olarro. Sanctuaries for indulgence sitting within the Masai Mara region, our all inclusive luxury lodge retreats offer a truly exclusive experience of Kenya’s wildest lives. With two different lodges on offer at Olarro, guests can choose between a […]

the serval cat

Facts about serval cats.

The serval cat is a wild cat native to Africa. It is rare in North Africa and the Sahel, but widespread in sub-Saharan countries except rainforest regions. It’s coat is yellowish-tan, with black spots, bands and stripes. The tail is ringed with black, and the underparts of the body are white or light tan. Individual […]

Birds of Kibale forest.

Birds of Kibale forest– So far, 339 species of birds have been recorded, but more species are likely to be added. Kibale forest National Park is an excellent birding spot due to its varied habitat and dense vegetation that give birds a safe haven and plenty of food to feed on. Birding usually happens early […]

The-Salt-Lick in lake mburo in western Uganda

Salt lick at Lake Mburo.

Salt lick at Lake Mburo. Salt lick at Lake Mburo- Kate salt lick is a water point at lake Mburo national park in the south Western part of Uganda, the famous salt lick is one of the a must go area in the park as most animals can be seen here leaking the salty soil found here, […]

Volcano climbing.

Volcano climbing- Mgahinga National Park. Volcano climbing-Mgahinga National Park includes three dormant volcanoes. Hiking to any of the peaks one has to be physically fit and they are all worth your attention. The highest volcano, Mt Muhavura, hides a cool swimmable lake at the top, next to it Mt Gahinga presents you with a beautiful […]

Civet-Cat- at Kibale forest

Night Walks at Kibale.

Night Walks at Kibale. Night Walks at Kibale- Kibale forest National Park offers a rare look in the nocturnal walks of the rainforest. The park is much alive at night as it is during day time. Now you enter kibale forest at night that will seem so different from what you encountered during the day time. […]

Batwa trail at Mgahinga.

Batwa trail at Mgahinga. Batwa trail at Mgahinga-Batwa trail which begins at the base of Mount Muhabura is the only trail that takes Visitors to the ancient Garama Caves. These caves are one of the top attractions found in Mgahinga national park Uganda. The park is regarded as Uganda’s smallest Scenic park, located in south […]