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+256 781751104 info@mondsafaris.com | mondsafaris@gmail.com

Norctunal Forest Walks in Kibale Forest National Park.

Nocturnal forest walks in Kibale forest offer a rare look in the nocturnal world of the rainforest. Kibale forest is much alive at night as it is during day time. Now you enter kibale forest at night that will seem so different from what you encountered during the day time. Here you enter another world where the sights and sounds differ from what you saw and heard on a chimpanzee trek in the morning. All you hear are the owls hooting and the eerie shrieks of the three hyrax accompanied by the many other living beings that make up the night shift in Kibale forest. These walks begin at 7:30 pm with a briefing from the wildlife authority headquarters and these walks can take you 1-2 hours.

To have a clear view of the night animals in this forest, you will need a very bright torch. Some of the animals you can expect to see are; cricket and hyrax, bush babies, civet, giant forest hog among others.

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