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Mountain Volcano Climbing

mountain volcano climbing

mountain volcano climbing-Mgahinga National Park includes three dormant volcanoes. Hiking to any of the peaks one has to be physically fit and they are all worth your attention. The highest volcano, Mt Muhavura, hides a cool swimmable lake at the top, next to it Mt Gahinga presents you with a beautiful summit swamp when you ascend it. Finally, Mt Sabinyo is the most dynamic climbing experience (not for anyone suffering from vertigo!) with a peak where three countries meet; it takes about 482 kilometers over 9 hour’s drive. Mountain Climbing at Mgahinga National Park is a great adventure to undertake.

Mountain Muhavura is a typical cone-shaped volcano that provides some of the best views of the country including other Virunga volcanoes, Lake Edward in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, and the Rwenzori Mountains. It does not have the thick forests of Gahinga and Sabinyo; much of the climb is on loose rock with grasses and small shrubs, which rewards you with excellent vistas of the area. There is a clear crater lake at the top on 4,127m, which it takes 8–10 hours.

Mt Gahinga

The hike goes through the pure bamboo forest, with possible sights of bushbucks and golden monkeys. The trail up the mountainside has lots of steps and switchbacks. The Crater Lake at the top has turned into a pretty swamp. It’s on 3,474m which it takes about 6–8 hours.

Mt Sabinyo

This volcano offers three challenging peaks. The climb up is via a ridge along the eastern side of the mountain to the first peak. If you continue on, the climb to the second peak involves walking a ridge with breathtaking drops into gorges in Rwanda, DRC, and Uganda at the same time. You stand a chance of seeing golden monkeys, duikers, Rwenzori turacos and sunbirds on 3,669m over 8 – 10 hours.

mountain volcano climbing

mountain volcano climbing

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