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Karuma Falls

Karuma Falls

Karuma Falls: The roaring waterfalls on the Victoria Nile are one of Uganda’s top tourist attractions. Locally named the Karuma Falls, a name which arose from a belief that Karuma, a certain great spirit, placed the stones that break the waters in the river. The spectacular Karuma Falls lies on the eastern boundary of Murchison Fall National Park (Uganda’s largest reserve), and one hour drive away from Gulu district, northwestern Uganda.

Karuma Falls is one of the best and most popular tourist attractions within the Murchison Falls National Park. Visitors who are interested in exploring the Murchison Falls National Park will be able to see the Karuma Falls during Uganda safaris, which is the most outstanding tourist attraction in the park. The Karuma forests were obtained from the Luo people, who were locals in the area, and they are said to have a strong spirit.

The Karuma falls are located near the Karuma Bridge on the Arua Packwach highway. Visitors interested in exploring northern Uganda on Uganda wildlife safaris can usually be seen enjoying the stopover at the Karuma bridge as they enjoy the photo opportunities and the extra mile running across the bridge, which adds to the Uganda safari’s interest and wonder. The white water at Karuma falls was created by the pressure when the high water levels hit the rocks hard, and the floor of the river formed at the Karuma point, which is so interesting and wonderful.

When crossing the extension, certain transport drivers will usually slow down, allowing people to see the falls as well as several mandrills and high-contrast monkeys on Uganda safaris. Guests generally visit Karuma Falls on their way to the northern part of Murchison Falls via the Kampala-Pakwach route. However, it is open to anyone, including visitors to the southern part of the recreation area; they can either take a ship or walk from Masindi to Karuma Falls in the north-eastern part of Murchison Falls National Park.

Karuma falls are greatly considered as one of the key tourism attraction due to the fact that is it is strategically located at the base of the Victoria Albertine and it became famous when the first explorer called john Speke passed through karuma falls when he was trying to tress the source of the river Nile which is the longest river in the world flowing southwards in Sudan.

This historically falls, in a sense that John Speke passed it on his quest for the source of the river Nile, is one of Uganda important landmarks. The Karuma falls are home to the Karuma Power Station, a 750Megawatts hydropower project implemented by the Uganda government in collaboration with its partners.

At one time, the falls were marked as a danger zone because of the Lords Resistance Army (LRA) rebel attacks. The rebels used to hide in the bush, and attack cars and buses heading both directions. But now, it is safe, since the rebels were pushed by the Uganda army into Democratic Republic of Congo rainforests in 2007.

Karuma Falls

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