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Visit Kabwoya wildlife Reserve.

Are you willing to go off the beaten track to explore more extraordinary wildlife and nature experience between Murchison Falls National park and Kibale Forest National Park?, then visit Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve is where you will enjoy some of the most magnificent views. This Wildlife Reserve is often ignored by tour operators and little is said or known about it yet it is a real treasure. While on Uganda safari, do not miss to visit the Reserve and you will be totally amazed by how such a remarkable place is utterly unexplored.

Kabwoya Wildlife reserve is a hidden gem situated within the Western side of the Albertine Rift Valley between the breathtaking Blue Mountains of the Congo and Lake Albert and covers an area of 87 square miles. It is characterized by remote savannah plains along Lake Albert and tourists can enjoy the striking views of Lake Albert and the magnificent Blue mountains of DRC. This Wildlife reserve was gazzeted in 1980 and became a wildlife Reserve in 2002 but till today, few people know about it.

Prior to being gazzeted especially in the 1960’s Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve used to be a controlled hunting ground and used to home numerous wildlife species but were eventually wiped out due to the high rate of poaching, then the area became a grazing ground for the Cattle herders who used to take their animals into the Reserve thereby driving away even the few wildlife that were left.

With the introduction/translocation of more animals into the Reserve, it is increasingly becoming a wildlife Paradise and some of the species likely to be encountered include Buffaloes, primates such as Baboons common along the Cliffs, Black and white Colobus monkeys, Chimpanzees and the Vervet monkeys mainly around the shores of River Wamababya and Hoywa, Antelopes such as Uganda Kobs, waterbucks, Bushbucks, bush duikers, Jackson’s hartebeests and Impalas among others, Hippos within Lake Albert. There are also over 460 bird species that call Kabwoya Wildlife reserve home. This Reserve does not only boast of its wildlife species and bird species but also the breathtaking scenery which makes the place a mini heaven/paradise.

Kabwoya Wildlife reserve
Kabwoya Wildlife reserve
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