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Kyambura Gorge

Kyambura Gorge Queen Elizabeth Park

Kyambura Gorge Queen Elizabeth Park

Kyambura Gorge-  gorge is situated in the northeastern corner of Queen Elizabeth National Park, the gorge lies within Kyambura Game Reserve and was created as a buffer zone, protecting the park from encroaching human activities. The mighty Kyambura Gorge is an atmospheric underground rainforest situated at the flow of the great western arm right valley in Queen Elizabeth national park, it’s magnificently stretches about 16 kilometers and 100 meters deep. The steep Gorge was created by the thrashing waters of the Kyambura River this panoramic valley is sometimes known as “The Valley of Apes”. Towering these high rock walls surround thick jungle, boggy swamps and large crater lakes, making it feel as though you have entered a pre-historic time.

Kyambura Gorge is endowed with beautiful bird species some of which are endemic to this area, the chattering of the birds will welcome you to this dramatic valley as soon as you start trekking some of the birds you will see here are; African skimmer, Ovampo sparrow hawk, Papyrus Gonolek, white winged warbler, martial eagle, greater and lesser flamingoes, African crake, secretary bird, vereux eagle, low land akalat and black bee eater among the rest.

Earlier on before the chimpanzees got trapped in the Kyambura Gorge, they used to connect to Maramagambo forest and Katsyoha- Kitomi forest and to Budongo forest in Murchison falls national park the gorge used to be their transit route and due to human settlements the chimpanzees had no choice but to remain in this tropical rainforest good enough the forest is adaptable to them because of the many fruit trees.

Activities in Kyambura Gorge


Chimpanzee tracking

Chimpanzee tracking is the main tourists activity doesn’t at the splendid Kyambura Gorge, there are many trails that have been set up for chimpanzees trekking offering you the best chances of  serving the great apes, the best time for trekking is always in the morning hours. The gorge is covered by Savannah at the top and swamps towards the Kazinga channel. The chimp trek starts with a 200-metre descent down the escarpment followed by a 2-3 hour walk through thick vegetation.

chimpanzee at kyambura


Nature walks and bird watching

Walking tours are a great way to explore this hidden world and see interesting vegetation, birds and butterflies.

You may also catch a glimpse of the 12 other primate species living in Kyambura, including the colobus, red tail, and vervet monkeys.

Kyambura is a birdwatcher’s havenso make sure you keep your binoculars trained to the sky, and you may see the rare martial eagle, amongst many other bird species.

Kyambura Gorge Queen Elizabeth Park





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