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Best places to see zebras in Uganda.

Besides Kidepo national park, Lake Mburo national park is the other destination in Uganda that you will find Zebras and in plenty. You are guaranteed to see them when you visit the park and thus referred to a common sight within the park that goes with a slogan; “whispers of the wild” and you will hear those Zebras hissing or whispering as many would say!

Uganda is zebra country. You will see them a number of game parks. it is much easier to catch sight of them in some parks than in others. Kidepo valley National park and Lake Mburo national Park are the parks with the best zebra viewing opportunities.

Although very remote, Kidepo valley national offers perhaps the best zebra views in Uganda with numerous zebras grazing out in savannah there. Access to Lake Mburo is quite easy. You can access it on your way to Queen Elizabeth national park, Bwindi impenetrable forest, Mgahinga national park and mt Rwenzori National Park. So be sure to make a stop and see some zebras as part of your safari in Uganda.

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