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Agro Tourism In Uganda.

Agro tourism in Uganda.

Agro tourism in Uganda.

Agro tourism in Uganda-Uganda is known for many things and as the nickname of food basket suggests, it has joined other countries and ventured into agro tourism. Agro tourism also known as Agri tourism is on a rise in Uganda. The country is experiencing fast urbanization and the farmers also have to keep up if they want to the trending world. Agro tourism works very well for both the locals and international tourists.

Agro tourism in Uganda is on the rise but we go any further we should first try to understand what Agro tourism means and when it was introduced in Uganda. The definition of agro tourism should at last have the following characters so that we all get to know its real meaning.

  • It is a combination of tourism and agriculture.

  • It is where specific crops are grown on a large scale for tourism purposes first and then sold off to earn income.

Agro tourism in Uganda is mainly carried out in the Country and it has started attracting many tourists who go on  Uganda safaris to see the beautiful gardens that are always on display for both the locals and the tourists who visit to see the different techniques that are used in the farms.

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