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Zebra Safaris In Uganda

Zebra safaris in Uganda

Zebra safaris in Uganda introduction

Zebra safaris in Uganda: While going on a safari, Uganda has much to offer, particularly regarding wildlife viewing. Although the variety of animals you will see may overwhelm you, nothing sticks out as much as the black and white striped zebra. The zebra is both mysterious and beautiful.

Why are zebras striped?
The fact that no two zebras are precisely same despite what they appear to be from a distance is one outstanding aspect of the zebra’s stripes.

Although many global fashion styles have been influenced by these stripes, the zebra that “wears” them naturally uses them more for defense. The zebras can hide from predators like lions thanks to their stripes, which act as a kind of camouflage. A predator has an extremely tough time telling one zebra in a crowd from another.

According to some, the zebras’ stripes serve as sunscreen, maybe providing protection for their delicate skin.

Moreover, it has been suggested that they deter insects. There are several theories and hypotheses regarding the zebra’s stripes, which have long been a mystery.

where Zebras are found in Uganda

Lake Mburo national park is the other destination besides Kidepo valley National Park in Uganda where Zebras are found in plenty. You are guaranteed to see them when you visit the park and thus referred to a common sight within the park that goes with a slogan; “whispers of the wild” and you will hear them hissing or whispering as many would say!

Zebras in Lake Mburo national park

How do zebras get around?

zebras are found living in smaller family groups. and currently zebras can be seen in Kidepo national park and Lake Mburo national park. The zebra’s distinctiveness is something to brag about. Nothing is more breathtaking than seeing these gorgeously bare creatures move as a herd, graze in the savannah, or even simply hang around on the plains and one of the reasons why people go to Lake Mburo and Kidepo valley national parks is to see the zebras.

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