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Queen Elizabeth National park

Queen Elizabeth National park

3 Day Queen Elizabeth National Park Wildlife Safari in Uganda

Queen Elizabeth national park is a very scenic tourist destination hosting an exclusive population of animals that is why it is one of the favorite destination for most of the tourists coming to Uganda for game viewing experience. From the comfort of your car on game viewing experience you drive through numerous trucks running through Queen Elizabeth national park, from the widows of your car you view many animals as they graze in the short savannah vegetation. Game viewing is an adventurous thrill on which you see animals like herds of elephants, buffaloes, antelopes, zebras, Uganda Kob, warthogs, leopards, giant forest hog and many more.

Game viewing experience in Queen Elizabeth national park is offered as morning game viewing, afternoon game viewing and evening game viewing, these experiences offer an opportunity to view a bunch of animals. Morning game viewing is an opportunity for viewing many animals as they are just waking up, after game viewing is an experience for viewing many animals as they crowd water sources in the park most especially the banks of kazinga channel which come to drink water. Night game viewing is an opportunity to see many nocturnal animals and predators such as lions and leopards with a help of a spot light.

Big Game
With an astonishing 5000 hippos, 2500 elephants and over 10,000 buffalo thriving in its grasslands and shorelines, Queen guarantees sightings of some of Africa’s most iconic species. Hearing the elephants’ calls reverberate around Queen’s crater-filled valleys is a magical experience.
Other common herbivores include warthogs, waterbuck, Uganda kob and topi, as well as the sitatunga antelope.

Ten species of primates enjoy the park’s diverse habitats, the most popular of which is undoubtedly the chimpanzee. Vervet and black-and-white colobus monkeys are easily spotted in the trees, but the boldest of all are the baboons – be sure to keep car windows closed to avoid food thefts!

Birding in Queen Elizabeth National Park is an incredible treat as it contains a variety of habitats that range from savanna to wetlands to lowland forests. This diversity is reflected in the list of over 600 bird species, the biggest of any protected area in East Africa. A majority of the birds found in this area are regarded as famous birds of East Africa and are a must see for birdwatchers in Africa!

Big Cats
Queen’s most elusive inhabitants are its felines: lion, leopard, civet, genal and serval cats.
Lions are found throughout the park, but the most renowned live in the southern sector of Ishasha, where they rest on the limbs of fig trees. Solitary leopards are nocturnal and fiendishly well camouflaged, making a glimpse all the more rewarding! The smaller cats are also predominantly nocturnal and best spotted on night game drives.

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