+256 781751104 info@mondsafaris.com | mondsafaris@gmail.com
+256 781751104 info@mondsafaris.com | mondsafaris@gmail.com

Why you should book a safari with us

Exceptional Safari guides. Our friendly guides are very knowledgeable of the various destination and attractions. Their understanding of the various community norms, animals and places will make your tour more than a see-and-do, but a see-do-and learn.

24/7 Safari consultants team. Any time of any day, our Safari consultants team is ready to assist you. Whether you are planning, setting off, during your safari or headed back, we will be in touch to make sure everything is going as expected.

Our Safari vehicles. Our safari vehicles are well customized to fit your wildlife and photographic adventure. These well maintained 4WD vehicles will take you anywhere while still giving you the comfort you deserve.

Commitment to our guests. We regularly check in with our guests to know how their safari is going and whether or not their expectations are being met.

An extensive network of partners. Our extensive network of partners plays a crucial role in helping us give you that exclusive safari experience that only we can guarantee.

These eight points indicate why many others have trusted us and continue to recommend their friends and family to tour with us – years after their own trips. And we always strive for that extra mile to ensure that your experience is beyond everyday words.

We would honestly love for you to leave with unimaginable memories that will make your life richer, and also with the knowledge that Exclusive African Safaris is more than a tour operator for your Safari, but a new friend with whom you made memories. Memories that are going to last a lifetime.

Why should you choose us? Because we want you to have that ‘ hard to explain, you should have been there ‘ experience of your own, and we want to be there with you – all the way. That is why we think we are a good fit for you.

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