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king of the jungle

king of the jungle
Tree Climbing Lions Of Ishasha – Uganda Safari Holidays 2019

Lions are the King of the Jungle thanks to their impressive mane, fearlessness, power, and strength. Even with all the powerful traits, it is sad to say that they are on the endangered species list.

The lion is certainly the most famous big cat on the savannah. Their lifestyle is rather different to that of other African big cats as lions prefer to live in large family groups to protect themselves from threats.

As a general rule, male lions do not hunt much because the females are much more skilled and more agile. When lion cubs are born, they live peacefully within their pride until they are old enough to fight the dominant male of the pride. There can be up to four males in a pride, known as a coalition. Male lions therefore often leave their birth pride when they reach maturity and may either become nomad or attempt to take the place of a male lion in another pride, whilst female lions generally remain with their birth pride.

Lions in Uganda can be viewed in savannah parks like kidepo valley national park, Queen Elizabeth national park along Ishasha amongst other places.

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