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Where to see bush babies in Uganda.

Bush babies are among the smallest primates almost as small as a squirrel, they are African nocturnal primates that live in trees and they are usually seen during the night game drive in the different national parks in Uganda during our exciting Uganda Primate Safaris. They have an odd as it combines looks of several animals like a bat, a cat and somehow a dog. To clearly identify a bush baby, you have to look out for particular features on its body. There are two types which include the tick tailed bush babies and the lesser bush babies.

Bush babies have the same habitats as monkeys except that while monkeys come out during day time, you can only get to see the bush babies in the night as they are nocturnal animals therefore they never face ecological competition with monkeys.

Bush babies are commonly seen in woodland areas, they like bush lands of the sub Sahara of Africa too that is why you will be able to find them anywhere across the East African block.  They don’t like places with high altitudes especially that that goes beyond 6,500 feet high. In Uganda, you will find them in Kibale national park and in the impenetrable Bwindi forests, and there are those dwarf bush babies that have been seen in Lake Mburo national park and also, many of them found a home in Queen Elizabeth national parks.

They prefer staying in tree hollows as shelter but, they at times construct their own nests using forks of branches although those are not used as often common as the natural holes. Bush babies always stay in trees that are surrounded by very little grass probably its their precaution against wild fires should it break out.

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