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What to see in Kalinzu Forest Reserve.

Kalinzu Forest Reserve is popular for its over 414 tree species including shrubs; primates like 220 chimpanzees, blue monkeys, vervet monkeys, baboons, black and white colobus monkeys, more than 380 bird species thus making it a true birder’s paradise (includes the black and white casket, Great blue turaco and many others); over 100 moths and 270 butterflies, reptiles. The key wildlife species to catch a glimpse while you are on Uganda safari at this nature reserve include elephants, buffaloes, waterbucks, leopards, wild pigs, lions and many others which can be spotted along the savanna grassland side of this nature reserve.

Nevertheless, most tourists who visit Kalinzu Forest Reserve participate in the Chimpanzee tracking experience that allows trackers to spend at least one hour with primates that are 98.7% related to mankind. Kalinzu is one of the best places for primate watching safaris in Uganda. Out of the 220 chimpanzees in this Forest reserve, 70 of them were habituated by Japanese Researchers to make them used to the presence of humans, hence are open for tracking. Just like chimpanzee tracking in other places, tourists need to carry packed lunch, enough drinking water (of at least 2 liters), wear long sleeved shirts, have to be at least 12 years to be allowed to track these primates, have to wear long trousers, sturdy hiking boots, light rain jacket and a hat.

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