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The Tororo Rock.

The Tororo rock.

The Tororo rock.

Tororo Rock lies 5km, southeast of the Tororo town centre, which is situated 230km (140miles), east of Kampala, Uganda’s capital city and business centre. This steep volcano which rises to about 1800m above sea level and can be seen for miles before reaching it. The rock is a distinguished feature among the residents of Tororo and in fact, it is a prominent landmark in Uganda.

The rock is a major tourist attraction in Uganda and on the rock’s slopes, there are several ancestral caves and various rock paintings.

From the top of  Tororo rock, you will enjoy panoramic view of Mountain Elgon, Tororo town & Lake Victoria. Several telecommunication masts belonging to Uganda voice & Data companies like MTN, UTL, Airtel & Warid are scattered on the hilltop. Climbing takes about 1hour , this is a must visit during Your Uganda safaris, don’t miss it.

Climbing Tororo Rock takes you to one of the oldest towns in Uganda. Tororo town is located in the Eastern part of Uganda at the border between Uganda and Kenya. The town is quiet, almost boring but is relatively well organized and with a beautiful countryside. Tororo District is known for producing cassava, cotton, millet, sorghum, onions, beans, sunflowers and potatoes. Tororo is blessed with vast mineral deposits including like limestone. It has one of the largest deposits of phosphorous in the world at the Osukuru Hills. Tororo is a leading producer of cement in Uganda. The District is home to Busitema university which is one of the largest public learning institutions in Uganda. Though the Jopadhola are the main ethnic group in Tororo, the district also has Itesots, Basamia, Banyole and Bagwere. The main language spoken is Dhopadhola but English, Swahili and Luganda is spoken by many town dwellers.

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