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+256 781751104 info@mondsafaris.com | mondsafaris@gmail.com

Black and White casqued hornbill.

The black-and-white casqued hornbill is also known as the grey-cheeked hornbill. The males have a large black-and-white bill, and females a much smaller all-dark one. In flight, shows a broad white patch at the back of the wing and a black tail with white sides. Usually in pairs or small groups. The loud calls are honking and yapping notes that are often given in a quick series. Similar to White-thighed and Brown-cheeked Hornbills, but has a black center to the tail, and the wingtips are black. Also has a darker bill and casque than those species. Found in forests and savannas throughout Uganda, mostly in Murchison falls national park.

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