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+256 781751104 Wakiso, Mubiru Road, Kampala.

Jose, is an extraordinary operator exceeding expectations ensuring a once in a lifetime experience.

I recently had the pleasure of traveling with Mond Safaris in Uganda. My tour operator was Jose. I travel extensively and can say that rarely have I traveled with an operator I enjoyed more. First, he is incredibly personable and immediately goes out of his way to be sure his clients are comfortable. He is obviously very knowledgeable in regards to Uganda as a country, wildlife, the primates, lodging etc. Of note, in Uganda one of the most popular and “do not miss” experiences is trekking with the mountain gorillas. They are, however, a 10 hour drive from Kampala. I was set up on a flight to the location while Jose drove to ensure we had a car! This is one example of going out of his way for client comfort and satisfaction. On wild life drives he was always on the lookout for everything and anything we could see. The accommodations were amazing with breathtaking views and incredible service.
Worth mentioning is Jose’s knowledge beyond what I’ve expected from a tour guide. He is a specialist when it comes to vehicles and will guarantee that an issue that arises will be taken care of. In the morning you will see him hard at work cleaning the vehicle before the clients are even awake, checking the oil, water and tires and at the ready to retrieve your luggage. He doesn’t even wait for the staff at the lodge for assistance. He takes care of your every need. I couldn’t recommend him more. I give him 10 out of 5 stars!

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