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Sport Fishing in Lake Mburo National Park.

Sport Fishing: Lake Mburo is a unique magical park located in the western part of Uganda; it’s the country smallest Savannah Park covering an area of three hundred and seventy kilometres squared with very rich diversity hence making it and habitat to many wildlife species and over three hundred and fifty bird species.

The park has got a lot to offer being the only park with horse riding safaris at an affordable price and with the highest numbers of zebras, impalas and elands.

Fishing at the magnificent Lake Mburo which is one of the three lakes in the park, very exciting, the most common fish found in this lake is tilapia but the lake contains about six species of fish, visitors who would like to do sport fishing are always advised to carry their own fishing gears but some companies and lodges can arrange for this gears and the fishing permits can be acquired from the Uganda wildlife authority or tourists can be helped by their travel companies to acquire one .

The main fishing sport at Lake Mburo is cat Mazinga and tourists are advised not to cross the fishing boundaries. There is also a nearby restaurant near the lake where tourists can relax and chill from after fishing. The fish caught can be prepared at your respective lodges for dinner.

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