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Places For Kampala Tour

Places for Kampala Tour.

Places for Kampala Tour.

Places for Kampala Tour- Kampala City tour to the capital of Uganda and still remains one the greenest cities of Africa. Situated in the pearl of Africa, its got various tourists destinations that can be explored prior to arrival before embarking on a Uganda safari up country. Tours in Kampala can be done on foot, bicycles, motor bikes known as boda bodas, taxis, hired vehicles or a safari vans that belongs to your tour company. Some of the must visit places in Kampala city are below.


The Kasubi royal tombs found in Kampala has been ranked by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage site. Its one of the key areas one has to consider when doing the Kampala City tour. The tombs are the burial grounds for four Buganda kings and the place is tapestried in African architecture beautiful to behold. Tourists can also visit the Wamala tombs and Nagalabi hill in Buddo where Kabaka Suuna was buried and the coronation of Buganda kings takes place respectively.

The Uganda museum is also one of the best places you can go to while in Kampala City tour. Boasting with ancient artifacts about the country, you will discover a lot about Uganda’s history like Musicology, ethnography, archaeology and many more including learning about every thing displayed.

Uganda museum
Uganda museum


Visit the Ndere cultural troupe center where traditional culture meets town life!! you can get entertained with most of Uganda’s traditional songs with dances from the local dancers, its also one of the best places to eat the Ugandan local traditional foods while on your Kampala City tour.

ndere cultural tour Uganda


Visiting the Bahai temple is one of the most thrilling experiences you can encounter while in Kampala City tour, this is the only temple of this faith in Africa the Bahai can be visited by anyone from any religion and the gardens within the temple are very cool for chilling and relaxing. Visiting Owino market is also one of the top things you can do while on a Kampala city tour, the market is mainly built ofscrap and whimsy containing almost everything that you might need ranging from food and clothing’s.

Bahai-Temple uganda


Tourists can also go visit the monuments within the city such as the independence monuments launched in the 2007 commonwealth meeting. Kampala is a city of seven hills, tourists can go up on and watch the golden sun rising or setting with stunning views while enjoying refreshments.

Tourists who would love to view the spectacular city can visit the Gadhafi mosque and climb up the aspire to have striking views of Africa’s greenest city. The mosque was built by the late Libyan president colonel Gadhafi it’s the largest mosque in the city and offers stunning views of the whole city.

Mengo palace is the former home to the Kabaka of Buganda and it was built in 1922 and remains empty up to date due to the dark history that took place in the palace when former Uganda president Idi Amin built there a torture chamber and over 300 people were killed here the historical site of Kampala City tour.

Tourists can also visit the famous Uganda martyrs shrine where Kabaka Mwanga ll ordered for killing of the young Christian converts

Bulange royal building is also one of the best places to visit and learn about the culture of the Buganda people. Tourists can also visit the following places near Kampala or plan for another day itinerary to those places some of this places include. For tourists looking forward to relaxation there are a number of places to hang out and enjoy ample time from like beaches, outstanding hotels and many more.

Tourists can also visit the art galleries and pick some souvenirs to take back home for remembrancesome of the art galleries to visit are; Mishmash, Makerere gallery, Tulifanya. Umoja and many more.

Tourists can visit the Uganda Wildlife Education center which is the gateway to many of Uganda wildlife here you will be able to see animals such as Rhinos, lions, leopards, elands, zebras and many more including some bird species.

Visiting the Uganda reptile village is also one of the things to do while in Kampala, the reptile village habors various reptiles you can enjoy watching and learn more about snakes.

Tourists can also extend their visit by getting on a boat to the famous Ngamba island on lake Victoria renowned for chimpanzees while at Ngamba island you will have chances of feeding chimpanzees during their eating hours.

For bird lovers the best place to go to is the Mabamba swamp where you will see various species of birds as well as the rare shoebill.

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