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Nyombe swamp.

Nyombe swamp- Lake Bunyonyi

Nyombe Swamp located at the extreme end of Lake Bunyonyi is a must visit during your stay at Lake Bunyonyi. The swamp is home to numerous bird species some of which are endemic to the area. it is therefore one of the best birding spots in Lake Bunyonyi and a not miss for every birder to south western Uganda. Among the birds to see in Nyombe swamp include Cinnamon Chested Bee Eaters, Pied King Fisher, Malachite King Fishers, , African Jacanas, Great White Pelicans; Swamp Fly Catcher, Long Tailed Cormorants,  African Sitrif among others. More so, Nyombe swamp is  located near Bunyonyi batwa communities hence a best spot to interact with Batwa pygmies. Nyombe swamp can be accessed by a boat cruise which make the entire experience enjoyable and memorable. Don’t miss out this place during your Uganda Safaris.

Lake bunyonyi
lake bunyonyi

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