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Nile tubing safaris

Nile tubing safaris

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Nile tubing safaris

If you ever engaged in a recreational activity of riding on water on a large inflated inner tube, then you enjoyed tubing. These tubes used are often known as doughnuts or biscuits simply because of their shape. The Nile is nature’s given for us to enjoy. You can tube the Nile in Uganda and this that mother nature offers us gives a lavish and luxurious experience on the beautiful river Nile. The Nile offers you a beautiful fountain and your entire family to enjoy while sipping a drink. While you plan to tube the Nile, you will be provided with a tube which is most likely a one size fits all, so there is surely no need to worry about your waist line. You can plan for a picnic and enjoy food and refreshments while you tube the Nile together as a family. Come make memories that will last a life time. The peace and calm you will find on the beautiful river Nile, you will not find anywhere else in the world. The Nile will let you float on its luxurious waters as you spend the weekend just tubing.

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Tubing is perfect for every one and no experience is required, however children that are 16years and below require engaging in this activity with parents or guardians along. Tubing will offer you a lot more than just the tubing itself. You may be looking for a different adventurous yet relaxing activity, try tubing. This float trip will be the real deal if you are looking for a relaxing experience, even if you are a group with young children. Bird-life, sunbathing and beautiful breath-taking sceneries will be a bonus for you.

The tubing adventure is a must do. It has even kind of been classified as you can do the flat water tubing, white water tubing or even the extreme tubing. Flat water tubing is the one that we have been describing all the way up there since the beginning of this article. White water tubing is basically for those who want to have fun on small rapids while tubing the Nile. The extreme water tubing on the other hand will call for those that prefer getting soaked and are also brave enough to challenge the Nile by holding their breath a little longer.

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