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Nature walks- Lake Bunyonyi in Uganda.


Take a nature walk on the islands as you follow various foot trails, which have been put by local people. Here you will meet and interact with local people as they go to gardens, grazing or even in their homes relaxing. Interestingly, these hikes are not strenuous and experienced guides lead you. Nature walks are a not miss since they reward you with scenic views of the entire lake, plantations, islands and the neighboring communities. Some lodges on the islands such as the Bunyonyi eco lodge has wildlife such as zebras and camels and impalas, which make it surely interesting.

You can also hike, take a nature walk through the islands and around the lake. And the most part will be the scenic lake Bunyonyi. These walks are not so active and can be taken at your pace, the guides always escort you that you don’t get lost or also miss out one of the main highlight of the walk. The hike will be so scenic in nature and some will lead you through the small villages where you will meet Ugandans at up close and personal as others might be on an island that you came to with a dugout canoe. You must always keep your camera at handy to enjoy Lake Bunyonyi during your Uganda safaris.

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