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Lake Munyanyange

Lake Munyanyange

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Lake Munyanyange is a small seasonal shallow crater lake located in the North East of Katwe town. it is an important habitat for migratory birds and has one of the largest concentrations of the lesser black-backed gulls, larus fuscus and other wonders.

Most water bird species that migrate from Europe with in Africa like palearctic and intra-African migrants, find it the ideal stopover and roosting area. This lake turns out to be one of the best destinations for tourists to enjoy sporadic musical calls of birds imitating other bird calls.

This lake attracts birds that migrate as far as Kenya and Canada among other countries. These include the flamingos, African hoopes, long tailed starlings amongst others.

Lake Munyanynge | Uganda Gorilla Tour

These birds are Palearctic migrants arriving in October and departing in April. Thousands of these birds roost at the lake, because it’s safe for them as at one stage of the year it turns muddy and that makes it difficult for wild animals to wade through mud and prey on them. During this period, the birds roost in the middle of the lake. This place can be included on your itinerary during your Uganda safaris especially if you love birding.

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