On the Eastern side of the Kazinga Channel is Lake George a tiny lake with an overall depth of 2.4 meters and 250 sq km. this lake is fed by streams flowing from the spectacular Rwenzori Mountains just north of this lake. the outflow from Lake Gorge flows through this Kazinga Channel and drains west into the adjacent Lake Edward (which is among the main fresh-water lakes in Uganda) that covers a total area of  2 000 sq. km.

kazinga channel

The shores of this channel draw a large number of wild animals, birds in addition to reptiles all through the year, with one of the largest population of hippos in the whole world as well as plentiful Nile crocodiles. These animals can be seen well on a boat cruise down the course of the channel or most likely at the entrance of the spectacular Lake Edward. The Boat Cruise on the Kazinga Channel is extremely rewarding and among the finest and most liked launch – trips in the country. The boat cruise is operated from 3pm and 5pm local time, whereas additionally expeditions are done at 11am and 1 pm local time basing on the tourists’ preference.

The Kazinga channel comprises of sections such as the North Kazinga in addition to the Kasenyi plains. It’s recognized that the plains of this channel offer breath taking view points of spotting game. Through embarking on a game tracking voyage, you will have a better way to see the diverse wildlife living in this area within its very pristine natural environment such as buffaloes, elephants in addition to other wild animals that live within the grassland thickets in the Northern Kazinga near to Mweya. However, The most convenient and favorable place to spot the lions is within the eastern section of Kasenyi plains as well as the Kasese road on which they prey on the large number of resident Uganda Kobs within that area. The best time to have game drives is in the mornings as well as late in the afternoons. It is the duty of the range guide to offer you adequate information about the wildlife within this park, help you identify some of the Uganda wildlife safaris attractions that you may have no noticed and above all to ensure that you have the most pleasurable times as well as memorable experience on this safari.

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