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Kalangala Falls

Kalagala falls

Kalagala falls

Kalagala falls- The falls stand as one the greatest wonder on the Africa’s longest river, the Nile. They are strategically located in Kayunga district, Kangulumira Sub County in Kalagala village. The district lies in Central Uganda and was curved off from Mukono in 2000 and today, it consists of Ntenjeru and Bbaale and lies approximately 74 kilometers North East of Kampala city on a tarmac high way. If you are taking a Uganda safari, please visit Kalagala falls.

The sound of the water as you approach is too interesting. When you stand  approximately 4 meters away from the falls, you will have to appreciate and enjoy nature providing you opportunity for participate in photography, scenic viewing and leisure

On the western side of the falls, there is the Spirit tree which has a back cloth on the entrance. There are also 2 spears which appear on the entrance and is an important cultural place among the Buganda People of western Uganda. If you wish to enter this place, you have to remove your shoes and this shows respect to the spirits at this place.

kalangala falls

Tourism activities at Kalagala

Today, Kalagala falls are popular to excursionists and the falls have been identified as a national project for development into a modern nature-based tourism center. The falls provide forest walks and a number of avian species have been identified at the site including blue headed weavers, herons and Sand birds. Bird watching takes place at the place

The falls are a spending sight and presently the most striking falls on   Lake Victoria where the mighty river has its source. When you are the falls, at some point the falls are so beautiful that water will be sprinkling off onto your face where you will see scenic falls from the land. From the heaven on the gigantic Victoria, you will have visible sights of the splashy falls. There are sport activities which will take trips within the falls. These include Kayaking and white water rafting. White water sports take place around this place mainly on rivers with falls and rapids. There are small boats at the falls thus providing boat rides in the area. White water rafting also takes place in the area.

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