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Elephants in Uganda

Elephants in Uganda

Elephants are the largest wild animals in the world which are also found in Uganda’s National Parks. Savannah grass lands called African/ Savannah Elephant, they can live in the wild for between 50-70 years but some elephants can grow to the age of 80 years. A fully grown savannah elephant in Uganda will weigh between 3500kgs to 1200. Females are known to be slightly smaller than males, a baby elephant (calf) will normally weigh about 105kgs in the long gestation period of the mother which runs for 22 months. Uganda has got the Savannah and Forest Elephants. These different species can be well-observed if you track places like Murchison falls National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park more especially in Ishaha. You can notice the difference in size and colour and again, forest elephants are more destructive than those in the Savannah grass lands.

Uganda ponders new wildlife law as elephant poaching numbers drop

An Elephant will use its trunk for many purposes but most especially to draw water and grass for feeding but also use the trunk to create way in the wild and some times raise the trunk up with ears wide when its in danger. The trunk can take in up to 15-litres of water in a single draw. The trunk of an elephant will also help draw water especially in clearing the weed away from the water, clear the thickets and get good grass, helps in cutting trees down to get fruits and also help in digging salt. These trunks for a fully grown elephant, they can measure up to 3meters and can also weigh up to 90kgs. Elephants will spend around 16 hours feeding on grass, shrubs, tree branches and will consume at least 140-270 kgs. They spend most of the time feeding and they will normally rest more or less than 2 hours in the wild.

Elephants in Uganda can be found in;

Kidepo Valley National Park,
Murchison Falls National Park,
Queen Elizabeth National Park

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