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Batwa trail in Mgahinga National Park.

Batwa trail which begins at the base of Mount Muhabura is the only trail that takes Visitors to the ancient Garama Caves. Garama caves are one of the top attractions found in Mgahinga national park Uganda. Mgahinga national park is regarded as Uganda’s smallest Scenic park, located in south western part of Kisoro district. It is host several animal species such as the endangered mountain gorillas, Golden monkeys and various bird species. It is attached to the 3 Volcanic mountains which are Mt Gahinga. Mt Sabinyo and Mt Muhabura.

The tour  along the batwa trail is regarded as a living museum that will take visitors through the lifestyle of the Batwa people together with their ancestral home, the Garama Cave. Garama cave is 200 metres long, 14 meters deep and many years ago this cave was inhabited by bats. It’s approximately 14km from Kisoro to the Mgahinga park headquarters at Ntebeko Visitors center Uganda, where visitors begin the batwa trail and garama cave tour. The batwa had these caves as sacred places after they were evicted from their ancestral forest in 1991, but currently they are now allowed as guides to lead visitors and this has earned them an income from tourism.

The Batwa Trail experience takes you on a guided trail by the Batwa guides to the Secret Garama cave, who provide insight into their traditional forest way of living. The Batwa are the shortest people on earth, who used to live the forest as forest dwellers, surviving on fruit, hunting wild animals for meat, and honey gatherers.  Along the trail to the caves you will learn from their explanations and show case of their former forest traditions including hunting skills, herbal medicine administration, water collection using bamboo shoots, tree climbing, houses and evolution of fire and pipe smoking. To mention but a few, Batwa trail is worth visiting during your Uganda safaris.

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