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Sipi Falls

Sipi Falls in Uganda

The Sipi falls are a phenomenon to many visitors, both local and foreign, yearly. Regarded as one of the most romantic places in Uganda, the falls are a series of three prominent waterfalls, with the longest drops as high 100m. The second waterfall drops 75m below and has upper cascades before the plunge. The third water fall measures 85m and is tall and columnar.

It has a vigorous flow with mist and even creates mini rainbows when the sun hits it! However, there are countless other less prominent falls nearby. They can be a wonderful place to bring a loved one to spend some quality time together

Location of  Sipi Falls in Uganda

Sip falls are located in the Eastern region of Uganda in Kapchorwa district. They are located on the cliffs of Mt Elgon just at the edge of Mt Elgon National Park near the Kenyan border to Uganda. Sipi falls derived its name from the word “sep,” which means a wild banana-like indigenous plant that grows along the river bank of Sipi River. Apart from visiting the 3 waterfalls you could also take a time and visit the Sipi River, it has nice vegetation including the ‘sep plant’ which is where the name Sipi was derived. This plant is said to be a medicine to measles and fevers. Enjoy a walk along this river with its beautiful scenery. It is believed by the local people in the area that this plant can cure illnesses such as malaria and measles.

Activities at Sipi Falls

Abseiling & Rock climbing

You need to do abseiling in Uganda; Sipi is the place to go. This activity is done at the main water fall and is most enjoyed by adventurous travelers. Equipment’s also known as rappels to be used are availed and also there are skilled guides to guide you through this exciting adventure. During abseiling, a guide ties a rope onto a strong pillar and you are let to descend from the top to the bottom of the falls on a slow but steady pace. As you descend down, water vapor splashes all over your body.

Sipi Falls



There are different starting points for the hike depending on which waterfall to visit first. It is quite impossible to have a view of all the three falls from one spot because they are in different areas. By hiking, you are able to visit all falls in a day in a space of about five hours. Hiking involves walking up the hills through thick green vegetation. Though if you have lesser time you are advised to start with the main waterfall and continue with others later. But in cases where you have enough time it’s better to first hike to the first and second water fall, take a break may be have lunch or relax as you continue to the last water fall. As you hike you will need walking sticks to give you support since you go through some steep spots and in case it rains the paths get slippery and muddy. The paths to these falls are approximately 7km to 8km as you walk.

Sipi Falls

Coffee plantation visit

The lower inhabitable slopes of Mountain Elgon, such as Sipi, are popular for coffee farming as the key income earner for the local communities. You have the opportunity to join a household where you are taken through a learning experience of coffee farming to local coffee processing. The coffee is majorly Arabica coffee and grows within altitudes 1600m and 1900m, it is the cash crop to the Bagishu and Sabiny in this area, during this visit you will learn also how coffee is harvested, processed, roasted and other things, you will also be able to see how people live in these communities.

Sipi Falls



Mountain Elgon is one of Uganda’s richest destinations for birding tours to the effect that it recorded the highest number of bird species (275) on the Big Birding Day of 2013, beating off perennial favorites Murchison Falls & Queen Elizabeth National Park. Sipi Falls is ideal for a short birding tour for some of Elgon’s species or even a starting point to bird Mt. Elgon National Park.

Sipi Falls


The local cultural encounters

There is a lot to see like the Sabiny who basically stay around Sipi. There way of life, dress code, traditional dances that can be organized by the community. Also this place is known for female and male circumcision, though that of females has reduced over the years since it was found to be unhealthy and risky to women, but that of men is an amazing activity to witness especially if you visit thus area during the time circumcisions are done.

Sipi Falls

Sipi Falls is one of the most amazing destinations that you wouldn’t miss out during your Uganda Safaris together with its above adventures.

when to visit Sipi Falls

The weather in the Sipi area is cool all year round, so you can travel and visit this place at any time in the year, though during rainy seasons you may get challenges hiking hence advised to move with walking sticks, this is an added experience.

Where to sleep at Sipi Falls
There are a number of accommodation facilities in sipi region, And you do not need to worry of where to stay as long as you visit this area. Here below are some facilities :

Sipi River lodge
This is an up market lodge found in Sipi falls region, it has a nice view since it is near the water falls.

Sipi Falls resort
This is a moderate/midrange resort located in the sipi region. This lodge has 5 comfortable thatched cottages which are equipped with private facilities. It has a very good restaurant that provides local and international cuisine and also a nice bar area where to enjoy your drink from.

Lacam Lodge
This is also a midrange lodge; it is an impressive lodge to stay in, it is on a certain cliff which offers you a great view of the Sipi waterfalls. It has wooden Bandas that are made of timber and grass thatched.

Crowns Nest Rest Camp
It is a campsite for budget travelers and it overlooks the 3 amazing Sipi waterfalls and other great sceneries like Mount Elgon peaks. The local staff of this place is good and friendly. make bookings with us for the best Sipi adventures,

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