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the Jackson’s Hartebeests

the Jackson’s Hartebeests Jackson’s Hartebeest is a specie from the antelope family. Family : Bovidae Subfamily : Alcelaphinae Genus : Alcelaphus Species : A. buselaphus The Jackson’s Hartebeest It is regarded as a hybrid between the Lelwel and Coke’s hartebeest.…

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Quad Biking Adventures

Quad biking adventures in Jinja Uganda

Quad biking adventures Quad biking Safari is different from other game safaris. The difference here is that, you explore nature not on a truck, but on a Quad bike (All Terrain Vehicle). More still, this is a self nature viewing…

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Bigodi nature walks

Bigodi nature walks Bigodi nature walks Rich in biodiversity and scenic beauty, the Bigodi Wetlands Sanctuary is a must visit. The “Home of the Great Blue Turaco” is a real bird watcher’s paradise. This wonderful place shelters over 200 species…

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Uganda wildlife Conservation Education

Uganda wildlife Conservation Education The Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Centre (UWEC) has unveiled a pair of Tigers that were shipped into the country nearly eight months ago. The pair, which comprises a male and female tiger, has ever since, been…

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Tourism destinations in Uganda

Tourism destinations in Uganda Spend comfortable holidays in Uganda, discover the best time and best places to visit. Tourism destinations With a tapestry of landscapes, excellent wildlife watching and welcoming locals, Uganda packs a lot into one small country. it's…

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