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Birding safaris in Uganda | Birding safari in Uganda

1-Dayganda Bird Watching Tour: Uganda is an ideal destination for Birding Safaris and of course, a bird lover’s paradise, the Open Savannah grasslands, ideal landscapes accompanied by grand canyons, the Marshy Swamps, the ancient tropical rain forests all set with Old beauty that never fails to Impress, are natural habitats to more than 500 hundred Species listed on a traveler’s Birding list. Enquire Now


1 Day Uganda Birding TourWe have made a survey visit around Uganda, a closest look to the interior of Mabamba Swamp Island on Lake Victoria gives you a finest birding destination Centre to the birding ecology of numerous bird species paved by the voluminous Lake Victoria. The scummy waters twisted with reeds in Mabamba Swamp give life to hundreds of Bird species seen throughout the year just like the way it was 50 years back. We know the most Valued Mabamba trails taking us on-again off-again grasses, shrubs and the boggy swamps to the homes of residents.

1 Day Uganda Birding Tour Itinerary Details


What to see and Do on 1 day Birding safari in Uganda

Mabamba Swamp Island is a 2,424 hectare sized wetland spreading its boggy edges on Lake Victoria, northwestern corridor of the Entebbe peninsula clogging its beauty to be a home of over 33 Uganda bird species and the famous one being the shoebill, the papyrus gonolek, the blue swallow, rare Blue swallow, the silent King fishers, various species of horn-bills, owls, Whistling ducks babbling through the traversed swampy vegetation, the Blue breasted bee-eaters normally seen floating over on the tall grass, winding cisticola among others.

Prepare to feel the waving wind on your Birding Uganda Safari, the surrendering canoe motions through the flat wide open water basin incorporated with the twisted Joshua trees, as you busk out on the hot Lake Victoria Orange sunsets giving your eyes an ability to see a top brown earth crust, this is the water surface shielded by water hyacinth that looks like a hard stone though somehow even less inviting.

Off from the area of pick up, Along with our experienced Safari birder, we resume on the 1 day Mabamba tour Safari to catch up with the inviting morning breeze that attracts numerous bird Species to be on the search. Our 1 day Uganda birding trip can be customized to include spot fishing, Swimming, Sand beach relaxation, Kampala City excursion, Nature walks.

We shall drive from Kampala through an open gateway with full of inviting sceneries, not forgetting that Entebbe is a gateway to most of Uganda’s tourist destinations. Drive approximately 1 and a half hours to reach Mabamba swamp, west of Entebbe city, one of the best and most convenient destinations to see the elusive Shoebill.

After a few minutes in a small canoe ride, the papyrus reeds opens up into a flat grassy wetlands where a number of Shoebill can regularly be seen and this shall be our hotspot to other bird species. Email us: for inquiries about customization for this Safari on your Uganda Holiday tour as well pricing fares.

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